How do you charge us?
  • Basically we charge u based on distance, type / quantity of goods, manpower (if needed) and time of loading or unloading
How do you make the cost lower than the others?
  • You can lower the cost by not using the manpower service (carry on your own) and reducing the time of loading / unload (goods and any documentation with residential management is ready when the driver arrived.
Can i add any other loads other than what i had declared?
  • Yes you can :) as long as it can fit inside the type of vehicle u choose, wont exceed the loading/unload time given and you didn't ask the driver or the manpower to carry those things unless you agree to pay the extra fees.
How do i pay
  • You need to pay as soon as the goods had been load into the vehicle by cash to the driver (except for inter state delivery) or instant transfer only.
Arrival and delivery time
  • As you aware, we are trying the best we can to cut down the moving cost for you. In order to do that, we need to to more than one trip per day to cover the cost on us (not applicable to 1-3 tonne lorry for large moving). Basically our time of arriving to your collection place wont obviously exceed unless there is a problem with previous delivery or any unseen circumstances. You can decide the time, we will arrange it and give you our estimate time and to be more precise, our driver will call you around 30 minutes before he arrive to get you ready.
Extra Charge
  • We dont have any hidden fee. We will only charge you a bit extra from what had been agreed if :
    1) The information given is different from the task (different address,type of property, different amount/type of loads [unlees u didnt using the manpower service)
    2) Exceeding the load / unload time (time will be counted as soon as the driver arrived at the loading point)
    Please feel free to contact us if you need further more information :)